Copper is a material that is used as a coating material due to its high electrical conductivity in the electricity and electronics sector, thermal conductivity and cooling systems. Copper has an important place in welding works, metallurgy and bronze production. It is one of the important metals which have been used for various purposes since ancient times and are among the main raw materials of industry.

The reason why copper plays an important role in industry and can be used in various fields is that it has many different features. Among the important features of copper are high electrical and thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion, wire drawing and forging ability, stainless steel. In addition, copper alloys have many different applications in industry.

Copper is the most widely used metal after iron due to its physical, chemical and technical properties. When it is pure, it is the most commonly used metal in the electricity industry. Copper pipe can also be easily shaped as a metal (malleable, sheet and wire). Copper also forms the basis of some very important alloys (bronze brass) used in industry.

Copper Pipe Where to use?

Pipes are usually; There is a wide usage area in water heaters, combi boilers, plumbing, heat installation, industrial and domestic air conditioners, solar energy systems, auto gas LPG conversion systems, air and oil installations, medical installations, heat exchangers and natural gas installations.

What are the kinds of copper pipes?

  • LWC (Level Wound Coil) pipes,
  • Pancake Coil pipes,
  • Straight pipes